UKCES being an international organization has its own system or process for helping students studying abroad. Since international education support is our business, we ensure that we have a system in place to provide a total support package for students.  UKCES application process is as follows:

Counselling / Interview Stage

The first step towards pursuing a degree abroad is the counselling and interview stage. UKCES wants to know more about you – your views, ambitions, life, finances, academic and career background. Knowing all of these things will help us to determine which career options are best for you based on your background and status.

University / Course / Student Match Stage

After the counselling stage, UKCES will then match students to the right courses and universities.  Selecting a university can be time consuming, but we already know exactly what you want and therefore we can recommend the best options available for you.

The basic steps involved in the process of matching universities to students are as follows:

– Academic eligibility

– Academic record (grade point average)

– Standardized test scores

– Financial aid considerations

– Other issues

– Best program curriculum, length of program, choice of courses

– Best funding offer or best program with respect to costs

– Cost of living

– Strength of related departments / program subjective criteria

– Overall reputation of university / department / program

– Location, safety of neighborhood

– Climate

– Social life

– Facilities available

– Accommodation and housing

Normally the main decision factors at this stage are the following three points:

– Best program

– Best funding offer

– Best for your personal goals and needs

Application Process Stage

The third stage is the application process. UKCES normally highlights the two or three colleges or universities that best suit a student, and then we help with completing forms, provide guidance on preparation of various letters and statements such as the Recommendation Letter and the Statement of Purpose. We also contribute to the Letters of Recommendation to the universities, highlighting the student’s strengths that make him or her right for the chosen course. UKCES check that all forms are correctly filled in before we submit them, and then we closely monitor progress on the applications.

Admission Stage

The fourth Stage is the Admission Stage. It normally it takes two to three weeks before a university responds confirming whether or not they have accepted a student. If successful the university sends an Acceptance Letter, reserving a place on their chosen course, and UKCES will then update the student about the result of their application.  Normally, a UKCES application is guaranteed, but we still must sit down again and discuss with the student the best route to pursue their degree.

Visa Letter Stage

Once finances are resolved, students need to make payment for their course directly to the chosen university to receive a Visa Letter. There are various ways of making tuition fee payment. Students need to make an initial down payment, and then pay the rest of the fees in full when they arrive at the university. In some instances, Visa Letters qualify as a guaranteed supporting document when requesting a loan from local banks. Ask your UKCES counsellor about the best way to make the payment.  They can certainly help you strategize the best way to finance your study abroad. Students submit their payment directly to the university.  We just serve as a link between students and universities abroad.

Visa/Study Permit Application Stage

Once a student has received the Visa Letter, which normally takes one to two weeks, they can then apply for their visa. They have the option of either applying directly to the embassy, or through UKCES. An Interview appointment must be scheduled by the students, but UKCES provides guidance on all stages of the Visa Application process, from completing documentation to hints for the interview.

Orientation and Settlement Stage

Once the visa or study permit has been approved, UKCES provides complete support for students through orientation and settlement.  A pre departure pack will be provided to students, which provides an insight into living abroad, and includes topics such as money matters, bank accounts, insurance, part time work and the entire process of studying.

Travel Arrangements

Students need to arrange their travel to began their overseas education. UKCES are partners with various travel agencies so you can be assured of a discount rate all the time.

Arrival Orientation/Meet our Staff

The final stage is the meeting with a member of our staff in your destination country if applicable.  UKCES have offices and partners in many countries, and they will look after you during the first few months of your studies until you are completely settled. UKCES provide a total support package throughout your education process, and if you experience any problems then you can always contact the local office and counsellors anytime you want. UKCES will also be there for you to provide post-graduation counselling, to provide expert advice on the possible career options for you.