UKCES is an international organization providing educational support to overseas students who wish to study in the UK, commonwealth countries such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand and other countries such as Germany, France, Norway, USA and other countries. 

UKCES is a trusted partner of most major colleges and universities globally. We provide a professional education consulting service at all stages of overseas studies. We serve as a link between leading educational institutions around the world and students from overseas who wish to study with them. Each year we help thousands of students to fulfil their dreams of access to the best education facilities in the world. We understand the hard work that you are prepared to put in for a brighter future and the chance to achieve your ambitions.

Our organization is composed of high caliber educational counsellors and advisors who share your enthusiasm, and who will work with you to identify the best educational institution to ensure that you maximize your potential. Our services include help with course identification, career planning, documentation and form submission, financial guidance, visa applications, settling down in your destination country including life and work orientation, and after graduation we will even support you in finding the right work opportunities.

UKCES has very strong ties with various colleges and universities around the world that makes it easier to help students who wish to pursue an international education.