UK and Commonwealth Education Services (UKCES) is an international education and cultural exchange consultants who provides professional consulting service to students, graduates and professional who wish to pursue further education, cultural exchange and internships abroad.

Our goal is to make first class international education available to students from any country. We can provide access to a vast range of courses, from Undergraduate to Postgraduate studies. Popular courses include Masters Degrees in subjects such as Business Administration, Hotel Management, Hospitality, Culinary, Nursing Management, Information Technology, Arts, Computer Science, Bioscience, Finance, Law, and Arts & Design.

UKCES has its Head Office in the UK, but we also have branches in USA, Japan, France, Singapore, Philippines, Qatar, and Poland. We appreciate the importance of professional advancement, and recognize the vital role that education plays in enabling people to realize their maximum potential. Securing a degree from one of the most technologically advanced nations such as the UK, USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand can open doors and enhance the career prospects of any student.

We are an international organization who provide one stop shop educational support to overseas students. From guidance on selecting the right college or university, through help with visas and finance, to Post Graduation career support and alumni opportunities. We work in partnership with the major universities and colleges, serving as a link between them and overseas students looking to study abroad.

UKCES provides a complete support package for students who wish to pursue a degree abroad, and our aim is to be the best in the world at what we do. So why not become part of our vision, and contact UKCES to find out how can help you to achieve your ambitions of a first-class international education.