Internships in France (with 4-week Language Course)

Work in an unpaid Internship position within a French organisation, and gain valuable international work experience. Build on your professional skills and significantly improve your career prospects. An ideal Gap year work programme.


Work in France and experience a career-boosting opportunity that provides you with an intense cultural exchange between yourself and your chosen company. This ‘exchange’ is not one-sided, it is a mutually beneficial relationship – your abilities and experiences will be just as valuable to the company, as the French internship is to you.

An internship in France is an aspiration for many people. Not only does it satisfy desires to live and work in France, in the bustling French city of Montpellier, but it also adds immense weight to the career prospects of people looking for a way to set their CV apart from the millions of people clamouring for the same jobs.

The advantage of our French internships is that you are given free reign when selecting what type of company you want to work with and what you want to do.

Whether you want to work in France with a local French newspaper, or work as part of a French advertising or accounting team, this French Internship programme has been successful in placing many interns in sought after companies in France.

Your 4-week Language Course

One of the many advantages of this French Internship programme is the fact that all participants are requested to undergo a 4-week French language course before they actually begin their internship in France. 

This language course is an integral part of the French work experience because it provides all interns (even those who already have a grasp of the French language) with the conversational tools they need to maximise their cultural immersion within their chosen company. The course is also a great way to meet other people living and working in Montpellier before the Internship begins.

– At the end of the language course, interns are given a certificate – with the number of hours completed and the level (European scale CEPR) achieved.

– There is a team of staff at the school to assist in any matters throughout your stay. There is also a jobs board with vacancy announcements (which is also a great way to hear about new internships).

– The school also caters for interns who already have a good level in French, so you can choose to do a less intensive course if you prefer.

– You will receive a French level test at the end of the course as well as at the end of your French internship.

– A standard course is 20 lessons per week Monday to Friday, every morning from 9:30 to 12:45 with a break from 11.00 to 11.15 (one lesson = 45 minutes)

– On Mondays classes start at 10.00 until 13.15

– Group sizes 3/8 students maximum 10

Whether you choose a marketing role, a construction position, or a job in journalism – the types of internships available to interns in France are wide and varied. You will be asked for your top 3 internship choices (in order of preference).

– Your duties as an intern will ultimately be determined by the sort of company that you’re placed in(see below for companies are participants have previously been placed in).

– It can be a part-time or full-time position, and depending on your skills (both language and professional) you may be given a significant level of responsibility, be asked to work independently or as part of a team assisting staff within the company. Each intern will have a manager responsible for his/her internship programme.

Please note: Your internship company is only assigned to you after your interview (which is held on your first day at the language school). The Internships are unpaid, but you may find that your company may contribute to your daily expenses.

The French Internships range from sales and marketing jobs, to tourism, hotel & catering roles, working in local shops, cafes, art & crafts venues, NGOs, creative organisations, and so on.

If you would like to apply for our internships and cultural exchange programs, please email your CV/resume at Some of the programs are  offered on a very limited basis. Alternatively, visit your local UKCES office or representatives for further details. You can also refer to our Contact Us page or explore our website for complete information