Live and work in Norway – the land of the midnight sun. Witness the beautiful Northern Lights and absorb the natural beauty of this stunning Scandinavian country. Perfect as a Gap Year or a career break abroad. Work in Norway on farms or in the tourism industry and get to see and experience Norway from the inside. Take part in the Working Guest Norway programme and choose between:

– Working Guest in agriculture, typical jobs include picking fruit, harvesting, taking care of animals, milking, etc. This programme is open to applicants of all nationalities.

– Working Guest in tourism, typical jobs include housekeeping, cook, waiter or receptionist, etc.

– In return for working approximately 35 hours per week (with one and a half days off per week), you’ll receive your accommodation and food and you’ll receive weekly pocket money of 1000 Norwegian Krona (approx £110 GBP).

– As your application is distributed to those who have requested a Working Guest – we’ll work closely with you to ensure that your application is positive and has the best chance of receiving offers from host families.

In addition to the numerous agricultural and tourism roles, volunteers can now work in:

– Mini-zoos

– Deer-farming

– Riding Schools

– Café’s in Lofoten

Project life

Once you are registered on the programme, the local team in Norway will begin the search to match you with a developing family business in tourism, hospitality or agriculture – be that in a hotel, restaurant, tourism business or farm. It is important that Working Guest participants be open-minded to their possible locations within Norway – whilst many families may not be based in particularly large towns or cities, many rural locations in Norway are able to offer participants a unique insight into the fascinating and dynamic Norwegian culture.


– Speak English fluently

– Be motivated to stay in a Norwegian family and be willing to adapt themselves into their way of life

– Be prepared to perform various tasks proposed by the hosts

– Have agricultural experience (only for farms)

If you would like to apply for our internships and cultural exchange programs, please email your CV/resume at Some of the programs are  offered on a very limited basis. Alternatively, visit your local UKCES office or representatives for further details. You can also refer to our Contact Us page or explore our website for complete information.