Why Study in France?

The gateway to Europe has an educational niche in a variety of areas and possesses outstanding institutions that are driving its long-term goals and agenda. The broader macro environment of France is a huge selling point for students choosing to educate themselves as millions around the world appreciate the beauty, history and culture France is so enriched by, as well as its artistic and intellectual heritage.

France has consistently produced some of the best scientists, researchers, mathematicians and engineers, many of whom end up working in Global Enterprises and Corporations, both public and private influencing global power structures through their expert knowledge and intellect. Naturally, Universities in France are predominantly driven by research and attract substantial funds to support longer-term objectives. Faculty is of an incredibly high standard too and students are given the opportunity to interact with high profile individuals from different sectors.

Universities in France

It cannot be stressed enough that France is truly research driven as part of its long-term strategy to enhance its service excellence and delivery of education. All universities in France’s Top 20 are recognized and ranked by QS in the Top 500 Universities in the World. Four of the Top 10 Universities are in the Top 100 in the World. In the most objective of measures, this demonstrates the true quality education in France possesses.

Some of the well-known France universities include INSEAD, University of Paris, University of Strasbourg, École Normale Supérieure, Paris, École Polytechnique and Pierre and Marie Curie University.

There is a diverse range of programmes in which France has invested. Hence, it holds a certain degree of comparative advantage in Economics, Pharmacology, Sociology, Business and Linguistics.

Skill Shortages

Like other OECD economies, France faces a skill shortage problem because of its ageing population, although it is fairly moderate in comparison to other such economies. To address this, the government firstly has to provide the right incentives for workers to remain longer in the workforce as well as attract talent that could be better trained and utilized in those demanded areas. School education requires a transition toward more practically oriented framework in order to best capitalize on the young talent pool that France holds. Nonetheless, the skill shortage areas present a huge opportunity for international students to gain work experience and perhaps secure a stay back option. Depending on the region, France has a shortage of skilled professionals in certain fields, such as engineering, information technology, health care and teaching.

Specialists, Network and Computer Systems Administrators, Industrials and Mechanical Engineers, Sales Representative and (Wholesale & Manufacturing, Technical & Scientific) (Forbes, 2014).