Counselling / Interview Stage

The first step towards pursuing a degree abroad is the counselling and interview stage. UKCES wants to know more about you – your views, ambitions, life, finances, academic and career background. Knowing all of these things will help us to determine which career options are best for you based on your background and status.

University / Course / Student Match Stage

After the counselling stage, UKCES will then match students to the right courses and universities.  Selecting a university can be time consuming, but we already know exactly what you want and therefore we can recommend the best options available for you.

The basic steps involved in the process of matching universities to students are as follows:

– Academic eligibility

– Academic record (grade point average)

– Standardized test scores

– Financial aid considerations

– Other issues

– Best program curriculum, length of program, choice of courses

– Best funding offer or best program with respect to costs

– Cost of living

– Strength of related departments / program subjective criteria

– Overall reputation of university / department / program

– Location, safety of neighborhood

– Climate

– Social life

– Facilities available

– Accommodation and housing

Normally the main decision factors at this stage are the following three points:

– Best program

– Best funding offer

– Best for your personal goals and needs