Our internship programs with various universities are academically directed. With the best interest in mind of each university partners and students/graduates, we designed our programs to ensure the academic relevance and value of each internship programs complement the work placement.

We worked in around 186 global institutions through internship/traineeship program, academic work placements and strategic relevance.  More than 86% of our program is on strategic partnership with universities.

We value all interactions with all universities.  Excellence on Quality programs with life long learning’s and experience remains at the heart of our philosophy.

What is Academic Internship Strategic Partnership?

Academic Internship Strategic partnership involves designing customized programs between us and senior management of partner universities.  Through the programs we understand each other’s academic and work placement priorities and global experience direction to enable a more joined-up, synergistic and efficient benefits for both institution and students.

Partnership is important and underlines the two-way nature of the relationships. Our Academic Internship Strategic Partners must show clear commitment to working with us in their strategic planning, actions, and deployment of the programs.

How do strategic partnerships work?

We encourage all of our prospective partner universities and institutions to contact us. We are very happy to answers questions and provide further details on our Academic Internship programs. With strategic partner universities we additionally aim to hold series of senior-level bilateral meetings, backed by quarterly teleconferences, to discuss a range of strategic partnerships of mutual interest. A valuable aspect of these discussions is the role that universities play as ‘critical friends’ in the early stages of wider consultations on new programs.

We continuously develop and can provide a range of academic programs and services such as:

– Developing Customized Internship and Cultural Exchange programs

– Transnational Education

– Globalization Partnerships and Initiatives

– Academic Licensing

– Academic supervision of internships

– Professional development and all members of the academe

Please contact us if you are happy to be one of our Academic Internship Strategic Partners and send your request via e-mail enquiries@ukces.org .